5 reasons to trust beam

5 reasons to trust beam

1. Our CBD is third-party tested.

We’re all about quality. beam's CBD is produced in Farm Bill compliant facilities which means its been third-party tested, ensuring that our products are THC-free. Our products are tested three times prior to shipment for no THC, the accurate amount of CBD, toxins, and heavy metal (not this kind of heavy metal:🤘).

2. We use patented technology.

Our CO2 extraction method preserves not only a pure, THC-free CBD oil from the hemp plant, but also maintains a range of terpenes* and other botanical compounds that help our products work better.

*FYI: Terpenes are what often give plants their unique scents and, for us humans, some terpenes found in the hemp plant may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other beneficial properties. Also, studies suggest that CBD works better when these key plant terpenes are left intact. Our mission to make the best possible CBD products means leaving more of those beneficial goodies found in the hemp plant intact for support in your mental & physical health goals.

3. At beam, it's all about transparency and honesty.

We’re committed to being transparent about what’s in our products and we don't hide behind vague or misleading labeling. All of our products are made with natural ingredients and beam's organic CBD oil.

We also know that there’s still so much more to be discovered about CBD. As research into its benefits surfaces, we’re committed to staying on top of the latest information to better educate you on CBD health and wellness.

4. Beam is trusted by top athletes and community leaders.

We’re so honored to be surrounded by a community of athletes and game-changers who love beam. You guys inspire us to perform at our best so we can help you do the same.

5. We’re built on compassion and run by real people.

beam was born out of a desire to help people feel their best. We know you’re trying hard to reach your goals and we’re *a little* obsessed with helping you achieve them. That means we’re dedicated to create products that have the potential to benefit both body and mind. Whether you've come to beam in search of a solution to get better sleep, feel less anxious, or for a product that may provide anti-inflammatory benefits after a workout—we're creating for you.

Give us a call and real people pick up. Shoot us an email and, yep, real people will reply. Our team is here to answer your questions, provide product and usage recommendations, and help you find your better everything.

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