Summer Recovery Essentials: beam x Hydrant

At beam, our focus is always on improving and implementing recovery so you can push your personal bests in the safest way possible. So, as the summer months start to heat up, we teamed up with our friends at Hydrant to chat about smart summer recovery routines and the importance of staying hydrated.

A little background: Hydrant drink mixes are precise blends of balanced electrolytes and real fruit juice powder, developed by an Oxford scientist. Designed to hydrate you quickly and effectively, Hydrant’s products are perfect for the morning, afternoon, pre- or post-workout, or to reset after traveling. Their minimalist ingredient list includes no synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, stevia—it’s a water and wellness win-win.

Let’s get into it.

Why recovery is so important.

Recovery is so important to the workout process. Through exertion your body is creating micro-tears in your muscle fibers and those tears need time to heal. Your muscles don’t actually grow and get stronger during the workout, the real magic happens when you rest and recover. Especially in the summer months when the weather is hotter, our body is putting in more work to stay regulated and therefore we tend to get dehydrated faster. With water making up about three quarters of the human body, it’s imperative that you replenish those hydration levels. 

Research shows that hydration is the most important nutrition element in sports nutrition, so if you’re dehydrated when you start exercising, you're likely to suffer from reduced performance. Drinking a little throughout your workout can keep your fluid levels topped up, and mean that you can exercise for longer without becoming dehydrated.⁠

But, the crucial time to get your hydration back is immediately after you finish a workout. Recovery has been shown to be best in athletes who replenish their bodies with water and fuel as soon as they finish exercising. This recovery is far more effective in people that drink electrolytes in their water (with drinks like Hydrant!), to replace the salts lost through sweat. ⁠ 

How we like to recover.

At beam we love ending a workout with one of our topicals—and this summer we’re loving boost, our nano-CBD hydrogel you can rub directly on sore muscles and joints. Try adding it to your gym bag for some quick relief post-workout.

And then, replenish any electrolytes lost with Hydrant’s Rapid Hydration Mix. When it comes to hydration and recovery, your body needs to strike a delicate balance of water, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. You can find all of these essential nutrients in Hydrant (just add water as the final ingredient!). Carry one of their convenient sticks anywhere and mix it into 8-16oz of cold water for a refreshing and delicious post-workout recovery routine. 

Recover with sleep to jump start your day.

One of the main times our body is recovering is while we sleep—it also plays a critical role in keeping your immune system strong. Our body needs about 40% of your nights sleep to be in your deep sleep cycles. Restful sleep is known to improve brain and immune function and reduce inflammation, stress and blood pressure. Not bad for a good night’s rest. 

We created our dream blend with your recovery in mind, fortifying it with compounds like magnesium and melatonin, to help give your body the sleep it needs. 

You also lose water throughout the night through breathing and sweating, and you’re not putting any water back in while sleeping, so when you wake up you sometimes feel the symptoms of dehydration: mental fog, fatigue, or general tiredness. It’s not because you didn’t get enough sleep, it’s just as likely that you’re dehydrated. Hydrant can help you get ahead of these symptoms, hydrate you quickly, and start your day off right. 

We hope all of this info—from recovery products to your body’s natural process—can help you stay healthy and hydrated. Summer is one of the best times to get outside and move, just make sure you’re taking an extra moment to listen to your body and replenish what it needs when you do!

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