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fix you

Better together. Step up your self care with Fix You, offering two convenient ways to beam—inside and out. Bundle includes your favorite 500MG The One tincture, paired with our healing salve, The Fixer, for better rest, better mood, and better recovery.

  • helps find your sense of calm

    helps find your sense of calm

  • eases discomfort

    eases discomfort

  • promotes better rest

    promotes better rest

  • may improve focus

    may improve focus

better inside and out

better inside and out

Beam’s CBD oil is made with extra TLC and tested by third-party labs for purity to ensure it’s THC free while maintaining a range of other helpful botanicals extracted from the hemp plant. Using beam in tincture form or rubbed onto sore muscles with our Fixer salve, your mind and body can benefit from beam's all-natural formulations.

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better inside and out