CBD Capsule


Introducing a daily capsule with repair in mind, sourced with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric along with powerful antioxidants and our nano CBD to help kick-start recovery. Now you can revive, recover, (and) repeat.


boost ingredients


Green Tea EGCG: Green tea may be key to supporting recovery* (a phytocannabinoid used by ancient cultures for millenia and can support metabolic rate)

White Willow Bark: May help ease physical discomfort and can promote a healthy immune system*

Turmeric: Long known to fight inflammation while helping to support healthy digestion and brain function

Pine Bark: Full of Proanthocyanidins that may boost circulation and support a healthy heart*

Black Pepper: Shown to help increase absorption of curcuminoids and can trigger the Endocannabinoid System through the high beta-carypohyllene content

Nano CBD: Our nano-based CBD powder is packed with lots of tiny particles for improved performance

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how to use

Revive comes in an any easy to take capsule. Take two capsules as needed to fuel your recovery routine, day in and day out.

Boost vs Fixer

the power of nano cbd

For CBD to have an effect, it needs to enter your bloodstream. Normal CBD is clunky—like a basketball trying to make its way down a shower drain. With that in mind, Beam has meticulously crafted its revolutionary nano CBD. Instead of a basketball, nano CBD is similar to many grains of sand going down the same drain. In addition to being water-miscible - nano CBD gives the body the potential to absorb more CBD per milligram than oil, making it much more potent and fast-acting. The final nano product happens to be extremely rare and what makes beam’s CBD so special.