CBD Powder


This tasty dream-boosting blend helps your body and mind wind down for a better night’s sleep* with a delicious combination of cacao and cinnamon with relaxing compounds like melatonin, magnesium, reishi, and l-theanine, plus our nano CBD powder.

  • helps find your sense of calm

    helps find your sense of calm

  • promotes better rest

    promotes better rest


beam - sleep cbd


  • melatonin: a hormone the body naturally produces to help trigger the evening rest cycle*.

  • magnesium: a mineral shown to help with stress reduction and mood regulation*.

  • reishi: a mushroom superfood that can help lower cortisol levels (stress) to ward off restlessness*.

  • l-theanine: an amino acid thatand has been found to promote alpha waves in the brain, which areis associated with wakeful relaxation*.

  • nano cbd: our nano cbd powder is packed with lots of (microscopic) particles for better absorption.

  • Other ingredients for flavor: cacao powder, cinnamon, monk fruit.
Beam Blends for Sleep

How to use:

Our dream blend tastes like cozy nights and a healthy hot chocolate. We recommend enjoying one serving scoop mixed into 8oz of hot water or your favorite nut milk warmed. Drink approximately 30 minutes before bedtime.