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beam creates the highest quality thc-free cbd products for a wellness-minded community, all grouped into 4 categories to help you find your better.

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"These pro-athlete-approved CBD products will improve physical and mental wellness."

"[beam] is a great addition to an athlete’s nightly routine."

"I've started using [beam] CBD oil everyday... and it changed my life."
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How does CBD work?

everyone has their own endocannabinoid system that's in charge of regulating the body and maintaining homeostasis. cbd interacts with that control system to keep you feeling your best.

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what is the difference between nano and regular cbd?

two words: surface area. when you break CBD molecules down to tiny droplets, your body has a dramatically increased ability to absorb CBD. it’s the next level in our CBD innovation that makes beam so much better.

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"beam's mission is to help their customers experience better, and I think they’ve nailed it."

- Peter Rahal,

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