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What’s the endocannabinoid system? How does CBD work? What’s hemp? What are terpenes and what do they do? What’s with all the acronyms? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

the importance of gut health

without a doubt, the gut-brain connection is both real and significant, affecting  much more than how we digest our food. over the past few years, more and more research has come out highlighting the gut’s widespread effects on our mood, hormones, immune systems, and overall well being. basically think of your gut like the control center for all of the operating systems in your body. amazing, right?
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here’s what happens when you’re dehydrated

while you might think you’re on top of your hydration game, 75% of americans are chronically dehydrated — many of whom don’t even know they’re not getting enough nourishing hydration to live optimally and balance their everyday wellbeing. here are some tell-tale signs that you might be a part of the dehydration club, and an easy way to get back to hydration’s center in no time.

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everything you need to know about bcaas

bcaas have become synonymous in the fitness community with muscle gains and intense weight training. however, bcaas (branched-chain amino acids) are not as unapproachable as they seem (nor do you have to be a fitness expert to enjoy the benefits).  In fact, bcaas are actually essential for proper muscle recovery, which — in turn — can lead to improved physical performance and overall brain function. 
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elevate balance 101: here’s everything you need to know

elevate balance is the ultimate rehydration solution for optimal wellbeing.  formulated with clean electrolytes from coconut water and himalayan salt, prebiotic + probiotic power, and other nourishing vitamins and minerals, balance supports healthy digestion and overall ease throughout the day.


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elevate performance 101: here’s everything you need to know

our brand new elevate performance packets give you good, clean energy on the go, wherever you are (or may be going) without any of the jitters or cbd. we’ve combined ultra-hydrating and energizing properties from ingredients like green coffee bean extract, beetroot, and vitamin b help your body convert dietary energy into physical energy and push farther. learn more here.
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elevate recovery 101: here’s everything you need to know

meet elevate recovery, in a tasty lemon flavor to provide your body with hydrating electrolytes, collagen and bcaa's. this convenient hydrating non-cbd formulation delivers grass-fed, non-gmo collagen peptides to your body to support healthy joints, skin and hair.* branched-chain amino acids (bcaas)  restore tired muscles and help your body fight fatigue.* these supportive compounds, alongside our signature electrolyte stack, will leave you feeling brand new. 
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Why Treating Employees Like Family Is Worth The Risk

beam co-founder Kevin takes a less conventional approach to team building and managing, he treats his employees like family. Maybe it's a little more risky, but it's the only way beam could be what it is today. Kevin shares his the top five biggest payoffs to this family style approach.
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recipe: dream chocolate chip cake

if you haven't figured it out by now, beam dream powder is simply delicious. a sweet, chocolate-y, cinnamon powder that most enjoy as a hot chocolate to wind down at bedtime. our partner mary of upbeetandkaleingit kicked things up a notch and turned beam dream powder into this delicious single-serve chocolate chip cake. ping us on social if you make it!...

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how sleep impacts fitness

we’ve all heard that healthy fitness routines will lead to better sleep. 

but what if we looked at it the other way around? how can sleep affect fitness? it’s an important relationship that bears investment and investigation. because after all, it’s hard to be motivated to simply move let alone have those life-changing, perspective-shifting workouts without great sleep. 

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decoding your circadian rhythm 

our circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle, part of our body’s internal clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. it comes from the latin term “circa diem” meaning “around a day.” makes sense, right? find out more about how our circadian rhythm functions, what happens when it gets thrown off, and how you can best support it.

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5 things you should be doing to get better sleep

sleep is the great equalizer. everyone needs it. and when you’ve had enough, you can do anything. not enough, and any task can feel like an unscalable undertaking. sleep has been shown to improve all aspects of life — from mental health to mood and metabolism. learn more about how sleep effects your health and 5 ways you can improve it.


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consuming cbd: get to know our best-selling supplements

our cbd products come in many shapes and sizes. so, what’s difference? 

however you take cbd will affect how quickly (or slowly) you’ll feel the benefits. from oil to powders, we’re breaking down the ways you can enjoy beam cbd and what that means for your body + mind. 

let’s get into it.

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